Hi, i'll tell you about my new amazing classmate
I had some new friends here. And we call our selves with "FBI"
we've worked together last week to do English assignment project
Our project was an action movie with some expressions in it. If you watch our movie, maybe you'll think that its a spoof movie
So, our movie is about kidnapp. It was a happy family story. Tito's family!
Tito as daddy, vidya and hara as daughters, and I was their mom
In the story, when our children were going home, they kidnapped by 2 misterious man
They were Amri and Ojik :))
And i found my child's sandal on the way while I was going home from market
Then i called my child's phone, unfortunately i didn't hear my daughter's voice.
but it was the kidnapper's voice. then he told me to give him much money and i must went there alone
before i went there, i wrote a note for my husband. i told him about this problem. then i left it
when nobody was at home, daddy's friend came to our house. and she read that note
so she called daddy. after that, she and daddy went to save us

could they save us? wait me to publish the movie here :))

okay, so who are they? lemme introduce their selves :))

Viviano! Rembo!

AMRI! Giant :))


TITO! Papa bantal :))

HARA! Haruka, Hariyanto

Tito's family :)))

I was very glad to work together with them. Ngaaaaa i like like likeeeee so much with this group <3 div="">